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Ace Landscape Austin is a full-service company. We transform outdoor spaces into beautiful areas. Our designers work closely with you to raise your resale value and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our team will promptly communicate and ensure the landscaping job is completed to your specifications.

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Our Austin Landscape Design Process

We realize many homeowners want to transform their outdoor space into something livable and comfortable. However, they aren’t sure how to start a landscape project.

We collaborate with you through multiple meetings to help you create the perfect Austin landscape. Our experts will hone your vision in the design phase. Then, we’ll bring it all to life.

The first step is to explore your needs and what the project will entail. You can grow your vegetables, create an outdoor kitchen to cook and entertain or enjoy a beautiful garden. We will design a beautiful landscape that works with the local climate.

Our team finds ways to determine what you want for your Austin project and tailor the features to meet your budget and requirements. Therefore, you have a pleasant space to enjoy for many years.

Our Landscape Design Service Areas

Our team can help you add plants or create whatever vision you have for your property. Each project is unique, and we can serve the areas of:

  • Cedar Park
  • San Antonio
  • Round Rock
  • Dripping Springs
  • San Marcos
  • New Braunfels
  • Austin
  • Many Others

Native and Adapted Plants

In most cases, people want to create an oasis that matches the location. Austin is well-known for its heat and drought-like conditions, but you have nothing to fear. We use the database to determine planting zones and sun/water/shade requirements, picking native plants whenever possible.

You get a gorgeous landscape with plants native to the Austin and Central Texas region. We can help you plan a project and incorporate services to meet your needs, beautify your space, and ensure the vegetation doesn’t die.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Pergolas, patios, and decks can expand your living area and are an ideal project for Austin homeowners who want a more beautiful space. Our team can help you choose what will work best for your home and define the focal point with your design scheme. This often means using native plants in the area, but we can also offer ideas for pergolas and more.

If you want to make things pop for your Austin home, an outdoor kitchen is the way to go. It’s so much easier to cook and be part of the party when you have one. We can guide you through the process to ensure your project is doable and meets your lifestyle needs.

Water Features for the Landscape Design

Austin often has dry weather in the summer, but many homeowners want a lush oasis they can enjoy when it’s hot. Our designers will enhance your property with various features, including:

  • Ponds
  • Water gardens
  • Fountains
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls
  • Reflecting pools

Water is expensive in Austin, and we use smart features that conserve resources and recycle the liquid. Once installed, you can add whatever native plants you want. Consider adding lighting to complete the ambiance!

Choose Ace Landscape Austin for the Best Results

Austin is one of the most beautiful places to live, but you want to create an oasis that meets your needs. We can help you bring your project to life by choosing native plants for the backyard. Our team is dedicated to constructing and installing your dream environment, whether patio, trees, or masonry.

If you need ideas to make the outdoors even more beautiful and functional, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re Austin-based and will treat your backyard like it was our own. Learn more about our process now or call (512) 900-6030 to schedule your consultation from our business.


Routine landscaping maintenance, such as lawn care, cleaning, and gardening, could cost between $100 and $500 monthly. However, if you’re hoping to transform the backyard by adding sculptures, gardens, and kitchens, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000, depending on your needs.

Landscape architects have more technical experience and knowledge in structural and plant design. However, an Austin designer focuses on plant selection and aesthetics. They can often handle the same job as an architect, though they don’t have a license.

Selecting a landscape designer is often challenging because so many are in Austin. However, you want your yard to look amazing, and the first step is to find a partner. Here are a few tips:

  • Know What You Want for the Space – Knowing how you’ll spend your time will help the landscaper determine your needs or preferences. Do you want a pool? You might not if no one likes to swim in your household. How you use the space and want it to feel will help you select a professional. You’ll see their portfolio and see if they’ve completed similar projects.

  • Specific Elements – Most homeowners have a rough idea of what they want, and that’s crucial because you must tell the landscaper this. We often recommend focusing on the functional components, such as an outside kitchen, pool, patio, or garden. Then, our team can help you pull it all together during the planning process.

  • Your Budget – Knowing what you have to spend on your outdoor oasis is crucial because the landscaper must know how to handle the money side while ensuring you get what you need.

It’s best to spend about five to 10 percent of your home’s value on landscaping. If your house is worth $500,000, you’ll likely pay about $25,000 to $50,000 for the landscaping.

Negotiations are often reasonable, and we will listen to your overall budget concerns and help you choose the options that work for you. Our team won’t be offended by questions about pricing. You can tell us your budget immediately, and we’ll ensure we can achieve your goals or offer advice on alternatives that might meet your needs.

A nice yard surrounding your Austin home will increase the property value when it’s time to sell. You have more curb appeal when you maintain your lawn and keep it neat and clean. Prospective homebuyers are often interested in this because it means less work to create something gorgeous.

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